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Engine Servicing
We offer a comprehensive servicing schedule that we can tailor to meet your personal requirements. Regular servicing is often overlooked but can save you substantial sums and inconvenience. Because all vehicle owners are different and all have different demands and use of their vehicles let us help you set up a regular service schedule that ensures your asset retains it’s value and reliability. We are proud to use Q8 lubrication products in our workshop. Q8 is a world leader in automotive lubricants and we have available the right lubricant for your vehicle no matter how new or old that vehicle is. We provide a comprehensive reminder system that allows us to tell you through the media that best suits you (such as mail, text or email) when your vehicle is due for its check up.
We also offer a full menu board that lets you choose the level of service that meets your budget.
We proudly supply and use Sakura Filtration and Q8 Engine Oils

 Available Service Scedules


Change Engine Oil                      Lubricate Throttle Linkages                  
Change Engine Oil Filter             Lubricate Door Hinges
Inspect Air Filter                         Check & Adjust Clutch
Check Transmission Oil              Check Wiper Blades     
Check Differential Oil                  Check Battery
Check Tyre Pressures                  Visual Brake Check
Check Power Steer Fluid             Check Brake Hoses
Check Brake Fluid Level              Check Exhaust System
Check Coolant Level                    Check Suspension Components
Check Screen Wash Fluid            Check Steering Componente
Lubricate Suspension                  Check & Adjust Fan Belt
Check C V Boots                          Check & Adjust Power Steer Belt
Check Tyre Wear                         Check Fuel Filter
Test Brake Fluid                          Check Lights (Operation)
Check Radiator Cap                     Check Computer Codes
Check Coolant Mixture                Road Test  

From $199.00 + GST
Petrol Engines Only 


Change Engine Oil                        Check Exhaust System
Change Engine Oil Filter               Check C V Boots
Check Engine Air Filter                 Check Tyre Wear
Check Transmission Oil                Test Brake Fluid
Check Differential Oil                   Test Coolant Mixture
Check All Tyre Pressures              Check Radiator Cap
Check Power Steer Fluid              Lubricate Throttle Linkages
Check Brake Fluid Level               Check & Adjust Clutch
Check Coolant Level                     Check Wiper Blades
Check Screen Wash Fluid             Check Battery Electrolyte Level         
Lubricate Suspension                   Check Lights
Check Fan Belts

From $135.00 + GST
Petrol Engines Only


Change Engine Oil                        Check Brake Fluid Level                   
Change Engine Oil Filter 
                Check Coolant Level
From $98.50 - Please note suitable for older vehicles only

We undertake all WOF and safety inspections on cars, SUV’s, vans, utes, light trucks, station wagons, trailers, caravans and boat trailers. We also provide a WOF reminder system by mail, text or email to remind you of your legal requirements. The WOF inspection is not just a legal requirement but it is a very extensive safety check that ensures your vehicle is safe for both you and your family. While the current system is under review we will continue to offer our clients a substantial and comprehensive safety service to ensure you are safe on the road.
Engine Tuning
With the development of modern electronic motor vehicles this service is often neglected. We can provide your vehicle a comprehensive and regular tune up that will not only ensure your vehicle is less likely to prematurely fail it also well documented that you can make substantial savings on your running costs through regular tune ups. We provide this service to both petrol and diesel powered engines and use and recommend NGK Spark PlugsFram & Sakura Filters and Wynns supplements.
Brake Repairs
We provide a comprehensive brake service including replacing brake pads, disc rotors, brake shoes and brake drums. We also repair and replace all hydraulic components such as brake master cylinders and wheel cylinders. We will tailor the type of brake material to best suit your driving requirements and can eliminate brake shudder and brake squeal through machining of the surfaces of your disc rotors and/or brake drums.
The other service we strongly recommend is to regularly replace your brake fluid. Brake Fluid absorbs moisture over time and this can lead to premature component failure or even a loss of brake performance. For those with ABS systems fitted, changing your brake fluid can minimise expensive and premature failure of the very expensive system.
We use and recommend the use of C-Plus brake pads and PBR hydraulic components and Fuchs Brake Fluid 
Diagnostic Services
We provide all types of automotive diagnostic services. We have the most up to date equipment available comprising of scan tools compatible to nearly all makes and models. An electronic air and gas leak detector, the latest emission testing equipment and analyser along with numerous specialty equipment. We also have the most comprehensive information library in Dunedin and are proud members of the YES Diagnostic Group which comprises of the best diagnostic workshops from throughout New Zealand. We regularly attend specialist training courses to ensure we stay up with all the latest advances in technology. Scan equipment includes diagnostic equipment from Hannatech, AECS, Snap On, Auto Boss and Launch
Timing Belt
The timing belt is a very important engine component that ensures the engine crankshaft and the camshaft that drives the valves remain in sync. These belts, if they fail can cause catastrophic failure resulting in major engine repair. The replacement cycles for these belts vary from 40,000 k/m up to 120,000 k/m Through our extensive manufacturer specification data we can advise you on the correct replacement frequency to ensure you do not experience failure. We also chose the right source of manufacturer of components that suit your vehicle. Our combined experience of over 75 years ensures we have the knowledge and experience to provide the right choice for your vehicle.
The battery in the modern motor vehicle is often under appreciated. Not only is the battery the most important component for starting your engine because most vehicles are electronically controlled and often have a number of computers the correct voltage is absolutely imperative. It is also vitally important the correct battery is fitted to your vehicle. Just getting a battery to fit does not mean that battery is the right one for your vehicle. Let us test, charge or replace your battery. We provide our own branded batteries supplied from N Z’s leading battery supplier Supercharge and all batteries come with a full no questions asked 2 year guarantee and have a “free charge” for life service.

Your vehicles suspension ensures you keep your tyres in contact with the road surface and is made up of many components such as ball joints, suspension arms, sway bars & links and shock absorbers.  Shock absorbers are also a key part of the suspension system and have a normal life cycle of around 100,000k/m’s. As their efficiency declines so does the level of ride and handling of your vehicle. The other effect is a reduced brake performance caused by the weight of the vehicle not being held constant. While these components are checked as part of your WOF inspection they can often perform badly but still remain compliant. Let us check your suspension and shock absorbers and advise you what if anything is required. We proudly supply and fit Munroe and Gabriel branded shock absorbers. 

Transmission Servicing

Automatic transmission servicing is often neglected and rarely considered part of preventative maintenance. The cost of servicing your transmission by changing the fluid and filter is negligible compared to the cost of a transmission overhaul. It has been proven that by servicing your transmission, changing the oil and filter every 40,000 to 50,000 k/ms you can significantly prolong the life of your transmission. We also access your computer to ensure there are no electronic fault codes present in the system when undertaking a transmission service.
We drain the oil and where applicable remove the transmission pan that allows us to see inside your transmission. Depending on the vehicle make and model (some have external filters) while others have internal filters we replace that filter. We clean the pan and refit it to your transmission. When needed we then flush out the remainder of the fluid and refill your transmission with new manufacturer approved fluid and road test your vehicle to ensure all is well.
Cooling Systems
The cooling system in your motor vehicle is one of the most important components in your vehicle. Most premature engine failures are caused by overheating and modern engine tolerances cannot absorb drastic changes of temperature. Paramount in your cooling system is the coolant.  The coolant in a modern motor vehicle is commonly called Anti-Freeze but has many more qualities than they it used to have. The coolant prevents the cooling system freezing in colder conditions, it helps raise the temperature at which the water in your engine would normally boil and it prevents corrosion of all components within your cooling system such as Radiator, Hoses, Water pump, Engine Block & Head, Head Gasket & Heater. We use a special anti-freeze tester to measure the content of the coolant in your cooling system. Most manufacturers advise a two year interval although some long life coolants do last for four years. Let us check your cooling system and advise you on its current condition and advise and recommend action as required.
Pre-Purchase Inspections
We offer a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection service. Choosing a vehicle is a very personal action and while we are happy to provide technical advice on various makes and models we encourage you to choose the type of vehicle that appeals to you. What we can do though is undertake a very comprehensive examination of a vehicle before you make that purchase ensuring you are aware of any issues prior to purchase. We use the MTA Pre-Purchase inspection process providing a written report on the condition. Just as you check on a house before purchase, everyone should undertake a check on the second biggest investment before purchase.
Warranty & Insurance Repairs
We are an approved and authorised repairer for all major warrant companies such as Lumleys, Protecta and Autosure
We are also an approved repair provider to Leaseplan NZ
Fleet Servicing
We provide a comprehensive service to any size commercial fleet. We can establish a frequency service schedule that will suit your operation and with our courtesy vehicle fleet we can cater for any unexpected issue ensuring you can continue to operate and service your clients.
EV Pre-Purchase and Battery Testing now available
We offer a wide range of servicesthat include but not limited to:
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Battery Appraisals - SOH (State of Health) Reports
  • EV Health and Safety Checks
  • Battery Replacements
  • EV performance and servicing reports
  • General repairs and servicing
  • Onsite finance available through Genoapay